2013 — 27 February: Wednesday

Another uncheery, grey, cold (+2C) morning1 enlivened — so far — only by a joke inquiry regarding a fake HTML tag that I couldn't possibly reproduce on a family web site. And by my first cuppa, of course. Let's see if I can remember to stuff my next crockpot this time, shall we? I settled for a venison stew last night.

See what I miss...

... by giving up broadcast TV? It's enough to bring tears to your eyes:


But why would anyone choose to call themselves "Algol60"? Dreadful language! And how can there possibly be a "Centre for the History of Emotions"? And, please, let's draw a complete veil over Boris Johnson's "ocular ejaculations" with his hot tears of patriotic pride and tear-sodden juddering climax. Good grief, man! Stick to politics.

Or have a nice cup of tea.

John Stuart Mill was

... famously precocious, and fiercely intelligent. But his "harm principle" seems (to me) all too demonstrably false if applied universally. Good review of a book here.

Term-limited benevolent intelligent dictators; that's what we need (purely for our own good, of course).

Coming to a Gorey end? (Link.)

Before I get...

... cracking on the crockpot, I shall first fit the eSATA controller card and then hook up the two spare 1TB hard drives in their newly-delivered "Icy Box" enclosures. What fun! [Pause] Say what you like about Win8Pro... but when it works, it works well. On first rebooting, and only then powering on the two drives, both seamlessly integrated themselves into BlackBeast's ever-growing reservoir of online storage without so much as a murmur or peremptory request for the drivers CD.

Right! Now for Monsieur Le Crockpot. This week, stewing steak. I'm going to assume it's beef...

Many things amuse me. Right now (as I vaguely consider doing "something" about lunch2) is the charming coincidence that three years ago (on this very day, in fact) I was also mentioning John Stuart Mill and his "harm principle".

"Fast forward" another...

... five hours or so and — can you believe it? — I'm hungry again. And this after tea and biccies with Len and the cats, too. It feels a lot colder out there than my porch thermometer suggests. I'm also keeping my frozen fingers firmly crossed for my friend Gill, who today began her not-much-fun course of chemo. I won't be allowed to see her until it's over as the risk of infection needs to be minimised, so I'm very glad we managed lunch on Monday.

I don't know about "Weird scenes in the goldmine" but there are certainly pleasing smells from the vicinity of my pot of crock. I shall try to hold out until the end of the rather dispiriting radio news, at least. Six minutes to go :-)



1  Big Bro in NZ, meanwhile, is 'enjoying' a spell so dry that he's postponed acquisition of his next walking batch of future beef lest he can't feed them properly. Perhaps he should switch to hamsters?
2  What with it being 13:05 and me being starving hungry. Again.