2013 — 30 January: Wednesday

Another day?1 I woke from one of those curious dreams where you effortlessly and insightfully solve a problem in a way that doesn't seem ever likely to trouble me in "real" life.

Reality2 is pretty brutal, pretty filthy, when you come to grips with it. Yet it's glorious all the same. It's so real and satisfactory.

GBS in Fanny's First Play

And now here I am, stewing my breakfast plum for my cereal topping, and belatedly realising that my date with Dr Fang is tomorrow morning and not — as I've thought all month — on Friday. Luckily, my lack of insight into this oversight shouldn't perturb my friend's hospital transport and, in any case, I'm on the 'reserve' emergency backup team for that little task.

I think I shall make my own escape from filthy reality by quickly scouring the cheap Blu-ray shelves in Asda in hopes of stumbling across a cheaper "Looper" than my normal provider manages.

What with one thing...

... and a whole bunch of unexpected others, I've now left it too late (I tell myself) to start preparing my next delicious crockpot mélange in time for my next evening meal. I shall just have to make do with whatever scraps, crumbs and rinds I can turn up in the back of unexplored cupboards or shake out of corroding cans on to stale scraps of toast :-)

It's a lovely, sunny, morning — well, it was moments ago, it's just gone noon. Definitely time for my next cuppa.

In light of the apparently...

... grudging and rather belated admission of Java security blunders touched upon here, I'm less than totally enthusiastic about restoring a JVM to one of my PCs just to use the UPnP scan tool. What's a poor chap to do?

Catch up with Verity Stob's 'RaspPi' adventures. I liked NB: man says may not work, may be the 'wrong kind of HDMI'.

A new gold standard

I'm just back from a little blast of fresh air in my little flivver. I have no idea whether anyone but dear Mama habitually refers to their car as a "flivver". One for the Goldmuntz standard, perhaps?

New Republic

Actually, I think I did...

... pretty well as I wandered along the video shelves in Asda this morning. I snaffled four bargain-price DVDs:

4x DVDs

And four Blu-rays, three of them much-reduced. (The double pack for £9 replaces my original DVD of "Shutter Island" that cost me all of £2-99):

4x Blu-rays

So "Looper" — I concede, the only title I was actively seeking — was (at £13-97) by far the most costly title, but is just about bearable. It's nearly pension day, after all. Besides, it's still cheaper than all the costs, time, and inconvenience associated with a trip to a noisy, smelly, cougher-filled popcorn-chomping clump of cinema-goers.

I'm intrigued, and pleased, to discover that Rian Johnson — the director of "Looper" — offers (here) a 115-minute "theatrical commentary" MP3 file complete with instructions on synchronising it with the film. He also suggests that it not be played until you've watched this fascinatingly-clever film for the first time. Of course, if we're now in the future we've already done that, right? I haven't yet compared this with the commentary track on the Blu-ray.



1  Yippee! It's all part of my cunning master plan to extract more pension payments from the IBM scheme than I ever received in what they laughingly called a "salary". Six years and counting... :-)
2  When I typeset (strictly for my own amusement) a 200-page set of Ron Cobb cartoons accompanied by carefully-chosen quotations, the 1969 example I chose for this Shaw snippet showed two older pigs chatting in the holding pen (for "Sausage City") as they watched a couple of youngsters making their escape... "Useless!" That's all the younger generation seems to care about, nowadays, escape from reality!