2013 — 28 January: Monday

The weather forecast1 is making Time somewhat of the Essence this (currently sunny) morning if we're to get some fresh air unsullied by undue wetness.

I am manfully...

...suppressing the dismay lesser chaps might feel upon discovering that they have been unpersonned by the IBM Rewards Gateway. Despite prefixing my six-digit Employee Serial Number with a "0" and appending the mark of shame ("A") to indicate I am a retiree, and despite still having somewhere a personally-signed letter of gratitude for my 25 years of penal servitude from whichever management goon was at the top of the pole at the time, there's to be no discount shopping for dear Mama's little boy. I expect I shall survive.

Reading widely...

... voraciously, and pretty well randomly in my very early years was (according to this fascinating piece) a Good Thing. I had never, however, previously read this tiny snippet from a favourite author of my late teen years:

When a man who is drinking neat gin starts talking about his mother, he is past all argument.

CS Forester in Lapham's Quarterly

Neat gin? What a ghastly thought.

Corralling the dust bunnies

Having relocated the Buffalo NAS RAID array down here where I could see it, I soon realised that it had accumulated a certain amount of dust in its front grille during its previous residency. So I powered it down, opened it up, and gave it a few cautious sucks from my cute little sucker (which, incredibly, is now six years and four days old). Mr Buffalo is back online, and seems completely unscathed by the experience. Though I'm puzzled at the amount of dust to be found in Peter's thoroughly-cleaned2 and 99% unoccupied room given that almost all household dust is human skin. Not a thought I shall dwell on any longer lest I spoil my evening appetite.

It's already 18:10 and the afternoon has whizzed by without (as it were) touching the sides. The weather has been every bit as uninviting as we suspected it would be, too.

For my evening film...

... I went with "Take this waltz" featuring the remarkable Michelle Williams, and directed by the rather awesome Sarah Polley. Good choice.



1  Lovely floods of rain later, last time I looked, starting in the afternoon and continuing on and off for the rest of the sodden week.
2  Once... two years ago... when the new carpet was fitted... Just how often am I expected to dash around with the Dyson, anyway? Let's change the subject.