2012 — 27 October: Saturday

It's looking much more promising for our delayed ramble this morning.1 Meanwhile — I should have guessed — my chum Chris was very taken with the newest adventures of Jimmy Bond. I think I can wait.

Tea, some breakfast, a packed lunch, clothes, and I shall be up and away...

This Interweb...

... malarkey will be the death of me. I've obviously been watching too many episodes of "Bones" — Season #7 now polished off. (Partially-related link.)

Meanwhile, what to make of the thesis of this piece? I, for one, won't be surprised to see a state funeral, but will be very disappointed if I do. [Pause] Nearly time to disappear for a while. Cold,2 fresh air beckons. Brrr. Still, at least it's bright sunshine. Made brighter, too, by the delivery of the excellent Posy Simmonds "Mrs Weber's omnibus". That should warm me nicely after I get back from my walk. (It was, after all, one of the nicest cultural artefacts to accompany the seemingly inexorable rise of the execrable Right from 1979 onward.)

Posy Simmonds book

Bliss. Sheer, unadulterated bliss!


I've been catching up with a couple of TV shows that Mike cut to a USB stick for me. After first reminding myself of what a sweet little film "You've got mail" is. I'm also hearing quite a few fireworks out there. So there are still quite a few idiots up and about.



1  Cold, too.
2  It wasn't quite +3C a few minutes ago when I opened the door to an Amazon delivery.