2012 — 25 June: Monday

Before the day gets too much older1 I shall nip out and snaffle my previously-forgotten breakfast cereal. Then I have a date with a stewed plum or three, too. (Who gives a fig?)

The sun is shining. The tea is freshly drunk. And the A/V system is working... Last night's film — "Something New" — was a pleasant little piece about an inter-racial relationship, based (it seems) on the real world experience of its makers. I'd never heard of the "black tax" and was hazy on the details of a cotillion 'ceremony' though it's clearly modelled on a debutante "coming out" ball.

Weird indeed are the ways of human societies. My own society, by the way, is to be graced next weekend by Junior and Miss Junior. They need yet more storage cartons for their impending house move, and also need to unload more "stuff" into the room he clearly still regards as his here at Technology Towers. I just hope he leaves enough space to make Big Bro not feel too hemmed in as he, too, is intending to touch down hereabouts at some point next month.

Such good fun.

What depths of...

... muddy thought can lie concealed behind a phrase like "No less a thinker than...":


Aah, the appeal to a higher authority. If it wasn't Arthur C Clarke who opined that when an elder statesman of 'science' declared something to be impossible he was almost certainly wrong, it should have been. Personally, I find it pays to be a bear of little brain.

Lest I forget

I used to print out a table somewhat like this and fix it to the wall above the A/V system. Getting Christa or Peter to read it, though, was a horse of an entirely different viscosity.

Source   Edge setting   Audiolab setting   (Alternative)
Panasonic Blu-ray   #1   hdmi #1  
Humax satellite   #2   hdmi #1   dtv
Netgear media   #3   hdmi #1  
Oppo Blu-ray   #4   hdmi #1  
FreeviewHD   #5   hdmi #1   dab
PC audio     dx2  
CD     cd  
Minidisc     md  
Cassette     tape  


Nearly time (12:21) for a trip out to watch "Prometheus" in 3D. [Pause] Hmmm, not too bad, but the 3D added little or nothing. I shall now patiently await the Blu-ray. The 4K digital projection on to an IMAX screen was cool.

Rather later

George Clooney's film "The Ides of March" — one of my recent Asda bargains — turned out to be pretty good. (More than I can say about "Despicable Me", which I picked up at the same time.) Based on a play by a chap who'd been an intern on just such a political campaign. And, yes, I did recognise Jennifer Ehle this time, but only because I was on the alert, as it were.



1  And it's already thundered past 08:30 at a rate of knots.