2012 — 13 May: Sunday

This morning's sunshine1 is boding (is there such a word?) well for our planned walk today. And I shall later this evening be "stuffed" with some chicken carbonara pasta; but there's plenty of time to get used to that idea. Actually, I'm more worried about being shown yet more Blu-rays I shall then "need" to treat myself to.

I've already decided to investigate one Ib Melchior and a 1964 film called "The Time Travellers" as my trusty ten-year-old copy of a "Time Out" film guide makes it sound my sort of cuppa. Making of which is my next task. And continuing yesterday evening's theme of fairly obscure music recordings, I shall be finishing off minidisc r369 sooner rather than later:


Pretty little things, minidiscs. Although typesetting labels for them was always a fiddly business I still regret the fact that they never really caught on. [Pause] About that tea, Mrs Landingham?

What's that? The label's too small to read? Hang on!


Having fairly recently...

... treated myself to a film based on a Kuttner short story, I've just ordered myself another one — a German import of a 1991 TV movie by David Twohy:


"Vintage Season" is, after all, one of the true classics of Golden Age SF. It will compensate nicely (I hope) for the apparent unavailability of the Ib Melchior film. (For which there's a truly dreadful poster on IMDB.)

Right. If I'm to be there, it's time I wasn't here. Is it warm enough to risk wearing shorts? I think so. TTFN.

Now would not be...

... a good time to tell me that the worst way to clean walking boots thickly encrusted with clay and mud is to swill them under the hot water and gently scrape them with the blunt edge of a kitchen knife as it does seem to do the trick. Then there was the laundry, the shower (last time I cleaned mud off me was probably after one of those hateful games of school soccer) and the very necessary cuppa. The walk was only seven miles but the terrain underfoot was by some margin the worst encountered so far in the last four and a half years of such walks.

I'm sure it's good for us. But Selborne has been removed from our list.



1  At 07:14 or so.