2012 — 15 January: Sunday

Given that it's now way past bedtime,1 I shall resume later. After devouring (if that's the right word) another batch of "Bones" I've found a couple of colour negatives that seem to have Christa on them. Since I wish to scan and invert them to see how well that process works on my latest scanner, but am currently having difficulty keeping my eyelids apart, it's a little task for tomorrow. (Agreed "tomorrow" is just a word meaning "later today" at this point.)


Not as cold...

... as yesterday morning, but still a bracing 18.5C downstairs. Evidence, I presume, that the air vent we were required to fit for the gas 'plasma' fire is doing its job. Mind you, as I haven't switched that fire on since Brian the Plumber was testing it last autumn during his annual service, I suppose I could stick something across the vent.

I was woken at about 02:30 by the slow-moving noise of heavy 'stuff' happening on our local railway line. At the moment, though, I can barely even hear traffic from the motorway, though I can hear the odd seagull or two. Time (08:21) for tea, followed by a bite of breakfast and the packing of a lunch. Wonder where we'll walk today?

I've risked...

... a tenner on what sounds like a home-recorded DVD of a TV series ("Underworld") I've been kicking myself for not having recorded when I was watching it in 1997. The same website is offering a copy of Liza Minelli's best film (never released on DVD, to my knowledge) based on the John Nichol book "The sterile cuckoo" (aka "Pookie"). That made an indelible impression on me when I read it in 1969. We shall see.

I'm touched...

... to have received an email from the lady to whom I was able to render some slight help in connection with the article she has just published:


I must confess, I've never before had an academic piece dedicated to Christa and me, and I know Christa would have been equally tickled — particularly by the (I suppose) relatively arcane subject matter. The kindness of strangers, heh?

Besides, it makes a change from "Twiglet", don't you think?

My first negative scan...

... shows Christa (smiling, of course) flanked by Junior on the left and the young German exchange student who (if memory serves) had taken him clubbing in Hamburg a few months earlier.

Christa, smiling as usual

Scanned at 2400dpi from a colour negative. Not too shabby, in my opinion. [Pause] Right. Time to clamber into Arctic clothing and set off into the Great Outdoors. [Longer pause] And back, in time for a shower, a cuppa, and to catch "All along the watchtower" in the Jimi Hendrix version, played from vinyl. It's a jolly good job I live in a detached house as my amp definitely goes all the way up to 11 for that track. It's 14:57 and counting. The walk was a little way beyond Alresford, by the way.

Before I know it, it's 22:48 and, unless I miss my guess, jolly cold out there.



1  And there's a walk planned.