2011 — 28 December: Wednesday

I mentioned the fact that Tim Minchin1 had been expunged from the J Woss show on ITV. Here's an amusing comment:

It's not his best song, by his own admission. But you would strain to find it offensive, I think, unless you have that disposition anyway (in which case, watching Jonathan Ross seems calculated to give you early heart failure). Comic book nerds might be traumatised by his suggestion that "With great power comes great responsibility" is a phrase belonging to Superman, rather than Spiderman. But, in my experience, even a vexed comic book nerd does not write in to ITV and complain about that kind of thing.

Natalie Haynes in Index on Censorship

Do I look vexed? :-)

I will unless I grab breakfast, make a packed lunch, and get out of here in time for my walking rendezvous...

Some hours later...

... and I'm just tucking into the chicken sandwich that, as it were, walked with me round what will in a couple of months be woods full of bluebells. Today's defining characteristic was mud. But the air was fresh, and the shower not too heavy. It's now 14:38 and has brightened up considerabubble. It's quite chilly, though. Only about +7C.

I confess2 stuff like this makes me wonder sometimes:

Pregnancy test

But then, I could have linked to a ghastly Newt Gingrich story instead. Fruitcakes and nutjobs everywhere you look...

Eric Gill on stamps

Obvious, when you look at it, but certainly new to me:

Eric Gill stamp

(Finally, an interesting link from a Google Mail ad!)

As I get older...

... I seem to know less and less about more and more. A curious state of affairs. For example, I followed a link from the latest "Butterflies and Wheels" newsletter and it took me, rather circuitously, through a series of hypertext links that led me — in the end — to a page on the 'Daily Mail' website (which is, horror of horrors, one of the most popular English language sites on the planet). Glancing down the right hand side of the page I'd landed on, all I could see was a huge range of 'news stories' about people I don't know, often risking skin cancer in sunny locations, or demonstrating recent weight loss, or boyfriend change. Sometimes all three at the same time.

Meanwhile, I've been continuing to expunge duplicate MP3 files from my music library as I slowly decimate the various 'compilation' CDs and merge tracks from them into my main folder structure. But it's time (20:37) for something completely different.

Does this strike...

... anyone else as amusingly opportunistic, I wonder?




1  Not to mention the fact that one of my jobs is to keep my friend Gill informed of such nonsense.
2  Perhaps not quite the right verb?