2011 — 21 October: Friday

Although I may seem to be aiming for some sort of consecutive late nights record1 I have a previously-untried walk in the vicinity of Shedfield coming up plus lunch at a pub run by the same people that do the "mine host" gig at the Flower Pots in Cherry Hinton. So it's g'night for now.

The sun is...

... doing its "I'm the brightest thing in the sky" act (well-polished after a few billion years, I guess) and the next order of business, having mercy-killed the shrunken green thing that had replaced one of my clementines, was dust off the spores and then scoff the rest before the same fate befell them. Plenty of exciting life in the kitchen here at Technology Towers sometimes. Life on the cutting edge, you might say.

As a long-term (22 years) fan of ARM, I found this fascinating (even if almost entirely incomprehensible). But I'm not sure about "plucky chip designers from Cambridge".

Shedfield is a...

... nice place for a country ramble, and the "Wheatsheaf" does an excellent rare beef sandwich and some tasty ale, so that kicked off the walk. What's not to like? Well, the perpetual dark cloud was a bit of a downer, but it never actually unleashed any rain on us. It's become really quite chilly, however, and the heating system is now doing a grand job. Unlike my connection to the outside world, which has been coming and going for no apparent reason. Very irritating when that happens.

Still, an online PC is not the full extent of my entertainment options by any means. There's always the rest of Season #3 of "Castle". The boxed set was wedged into my venetian blind delivery system when I got home. And, of course, one cannot have too many cups of tea, can one?


Still enjoying it!



1  It's currently 01:22 or so and counting.