2011 — 1 October: Saturday

Rabbits.1 I spent some of yesterday evening cheating on "Northern Exposure" by a minimal dalliance (just the first episode) with "House, season #7". What can I say? I'm a weak person. I needed to check in on House and Cuddy having been following Joel and Maggie :-)

It's a cool but very sunny start to the last quarter of the year. Very nice it is, too. Helped along by all those "Sounds of the 60s". And the last of the fresh Tulameen raspberries.

Time for lunch, already. Plus, a walk arranged for tomorrow. I'm predicting a sausage sandwich packed lunch :-)

Exactly when, I...

... wonder, did my collection of Raymond Chandler novels finally flee my shelves? I know I still had them a little less than 20 years ago because that's when I was invited by an ex-manager of mine in IBM to write a parody item (in exchange for a decent bottle of Scotch, delivered only after an unseemly number of pointed reminders) regarding another ex-manager2 of mine in IBM, and I chose to do it in Chandleresque prose.

I called my parody "The brief hello", and I remember combing through my then-extant copy of "The long goodbye" (among other classic texts) in search of some tasty phrases to appropriate and adapt. Now, I've just finished listening to a new BBC dramatisation, and it's made me think it's time to re-read the canon.

Meanwhile, look long enough, and ye shall find the original. (Link.)

It's been another glorious day, though not as hot here as elsewhere. Records are reported to have been broken. Amazing. Time (17:35) for my next cuppa, I suspect.



1  My habitual monthly good luck incantation.
2  Somehow, by a mixture of luck and hopping around in search of diminished boredom, I managed to accumulate 22 ex-managers by the time I retired. I wonder what the collective noun is for such a fine bunch of people?