2011 — 7 September: Wednesday

Before you know it1 it's tomorrow, already. Or, at least, a few minutes after the big hand met up with the little one at the top of the clockface.

Lads who lunch

If all goes according to plan, there will be a small, select gathering of three ex-IBMers somewhere reasonably local for lunch. My kite-toting camera f(r)iend Dave from Totnes — last encountered here — and my NAS and Linux expert chum Len will be joining me to have a bit of a natter about Life, the Universe and all points in between. And possibly even a drop of ale. Unless the weather derails things.

Meanwhile, my observant reader will doubtless by now have spotted a small addition to molehole's structure. Or not, as the case may be :-)


Just a few...

... hours later, I awake to the slightly unseasonal warmth that shows me the central heating has cut in (like some form of Jeeves looking after me) and perhaps we're now indeed heading towards autumn. I've just learned that the opening notes of "Uranus" actually spell out the letters of Holst's name in musical notation. Neat trick. The "Planets" suite remains very near the top of my personal classical music chart. (Along with everything else that I like, of course.)

Time (09:09) for a spot of breakfast and a second cuppa.

Where went the day?

Blimey! It's now 21:06 and I'm left wondering where the time went. We had an enjoyable old-timers' chat, putting the world to rights over the ale mentioned, and a decent trio of burgers, out at the "Wheatsheaf". But the weather didn't allow for any kite-flying.



1  Before I realised, certainly.