2011 — 11 May: Wednesday

I thought1 that, as it's now exactly 3.5 years since we lost Christa, it would be nice to see a shot of her and Peter in the "garden" here back in what I think of as the "building site" year — namely, 1982:

Christa and Peter

Midnight has (very) rapidly thundered down the track towards me, so I'm calling it a night for tonight, even though Verity Sharp is back on "Late Junction" for another hour yet. G'night.

Cloud, sunshine, showers...

Into which category, do you suppose, does the latest set of Microsoft patches fit? And now, it seems, I should also be disabling the WebGL capabilities...


... inside both Firefox and Chrome. The malware road goes ever on. (Link.)

Lovely to see...

... film writing as incisive and funny as this, talking about David Thomson's latest edition2 of the ever-fatter Biographical Dictionary of Film. Source and snippet:

Late in the time of us old men who began our lives seeing a couple of double bills a week at the local fleapit, a new way to deliver the same blast has taken over. The talent goes into the boxed set of the TV serial, because it yields, for the creators, more bang for their buck. But the thrill that began with a shaft of light in the dark will still go on. It will just go on without us: a fact of which Thomson, at his best, is well aware. It isn't just a vision of loveliness that drives his prose: it's a vision of mortality.

Clive James in The Atlantic

Time for some breakfast. It's 09:03 and we're in full "cloud" mood out there. [Pause] Right. Next task is to prepare my next crockpot for my evening meal. It's not only the malware road that goes ever on. But I'm expecting fun to kick in real soon now :-)

Just back from lunch at the biker café — thanks, Peter. I can't say the weather has improved much.

Also just fought a minor skirmish with the British Gas phone-from-hell system. (They obviously use the same incompetent programmers as Barclays.) After navigating three or four multiple-choice menus I could just not be bothered to key in a 14-digit number, preceded (or should it have been suffixed?) by "my dialing code" given that it was dear Mama's dialing code in any case. Besides, they already know that the supply of gas has stopped... why would they even think their HomeCare® agreement would still be needed?

There are many...

... rather striking images — including a large African praying mantis — here, but I will respect photographer Igor Siwanowicz's copyright.

Got a nice surprise...

... about half an hour ago — and, indeed, I've been enjoying listening to it while preparing the following artwork scans. Turns out, Mr Postie left a small heap of goodies with one of my neighbours while Peter and I were out brunching. And he's just popped round with it this evening:


As for the music, it's my second album by that American "Turtle Island" violin quartet, this time playing the music of John Coltrane. Mega-cool.


It works very well... and Alice Coltrane evidently thought so, too.



1  I do, on occasion.
2  I suspect my remaining span on this plane of existence is now insufficiently long for it to be worth buying :-)