2011 — 16 March: Wednesday

Good riddance to the ides of March, say I1 as I crawl downstairs in time to catch the end of Brandenburg #3 and my next OJ plus cuppa. Share prices have rebounded in Tokyo. We've been denounced by Libya. Essays should be scanned to detect signs of recruitment by extremeists. So the world is just about as mad2 as ever.

It's 08:05 and looking dull and grey out there.

I bet real Blackberries...

... lack this vulnerability. Careful, Big Bro!

Munching my lunch...

... having recently returned from a couple of hours in Soton, I've been pondering anew the number of people employed to sell cheap rubbish to people who clearly don't need yet more cheap rubbish in their lives. This even now applies inside bookshops, dammit.

Meanwhile, a couple of visual Blu-ray goodies to report on, one being a (possibly unnecessary, we shall see) remake in America of the excellent little movie you can note here (though how it can be over 18 months ago beats me) and the other being my own copy of a surprisingly enjoyable romp I borrowed last Thursday...


... and, probably more important to my long-term peace of mind, I've just dashed to the Post Office and back to return a signed, witnessed, transfer of Title of dear Mama's house in the Midlands to its next owner. Proceeds from the sale, as they say, will help keep her in her present care-home for another three years. I think I shall celebrate by treating my witness3 to another icecream. It's 14:58 and counting.

I was browsing...

... some notes when I realised I was hungry. What with it being, by then, some way past 19:00 without me having noticed. I do have a crockpot to fall back on but, as I mentioned here, sometimes an even simpler meal is more than sufficient. I'm pretty sure that, over the years, Christa would have cooked just about anything I asked her to, but I also knew that she was no more keen on kitchen duties than I was, so I tended to keep my requests simple. Besides, I threw out my last set of four eggs when their "use by" date went seven weeks over due (as it were). The present quartet are only two days over (or should that be "ovary"?)

The evening starts here (just as soon as I've done the dishes).



1  Though not in Latin.
2  If you believe this, "Americans are less than 5% of the world's population, yet they consume 66% of the world's psychological medications." (Source.) More fools them, say I, having once tried such a chemical prop (back in 1975, when Dad was dying) and after one dose promptly flushing the rest.
3  There's a neat symmetry at work here. It's not all that long ago that I similarly witnessed the documents for the sale of his late parent's house.