2011 — 7 February: Monday

Having earlier been reading (and very much enjoying) last Wednesday's book by Matthew Crawford (the "gearhead" chap) I decided it was time to watch a film. I started with "A solitary man" but it wasn't to my taste. However, if there's a pleasanter film1 than the 1991 (1991?!) Doc Hollywood by Michael Caton-Jones then I can't think of it just now. (But then, it is late.) And I've decided to treat myself to the original book by Neil Shulman, too. Here's hoping it's as good as the original "M*A*S*H" by Richard Hooker was. My word, that was over 40 years ago.


I see that blogger...

... Arianna Huffington (who, 40 years ago, as Miss Stassinopoulos was just about to become the new president of the Cambridge Union — on the day Ogden Nash died) has sold her 'newspaper' to form what she modestly describes as "a brand new media universe"...


"Tim came out to LA in January, and we had lunch, and that's when we came up with the 1+1=11 concept." So binary arithmetic isn't her strong suit, I guess. I wonder what Bernard Levin would have made of that.

So, the question you've got...

... to ask yourself, punk, is "Do you feel lucky?"


Until I hit the last sentence, yes. (NS&I is the fancy name for Mr ERNIE.)

Now, what would be...

... the point of having an unlimited mileage hire car if one didn't use it to take a chum down to a seaside lunch?


But if he thinks I'm signing up with Microsoft Live and installing Silverlight just to see the photos, he has another think coming. In other news, there's now some danger of my being shown a 3D projection TV system tomorrow morning at the place where I had my £150,000 Steinway loudspeaker revelation a while ago.

Time (14:45) for my next cuppa and then a quick dash out for supplies. It's brightening up nicely, but was cold, windy, and somewhat drizzly, at the Solent earlier.

Hello, Julia!

Long time no see. (Link.) [Pause] Just driven Bill one junction along the motorway to give him a taste of the Prius and its hybrid technology. He was as fascinated as Peter earlier by the real-time "energy" display as the petrol engine cuts smoothly in and out and regenerative braking tops up the battery for the drive train. It's getting rather chilly out there now (17:30) as the twilight rapidly darkens.

The good mood...

... brought about by re-watching "10 things I hate about you" was only slightly spoiled by the struggle it turned out to be to work my way through the labyrinthine Amazon (US) contact procedure to get to where I could point out that I'm still waiting for my boxed set of "Larry Sanders" to appear. (It was shipped nearly two months ago.) However their almost instant response (12 minutes or so) offering to raise a new order and issue a refund for the missing one is very encouraging. Watch this space, as it were.

It's 21:15, so there's time to do the dishes and maybe watch another film. Is this the Life?

This handsome chap...

... finally finished falling off the front of one of the kitchen cupboards. If you click on him, you'll find a clue as to why that might have been!

18th wedding anniversary

After all, 1992 was only one year after "Doc Hollywood" :-)



1  With which to ease myself into a fresh winter week.