2010 — 25 October: Monday

Perhaps foolishly1 I decided to expunge an XP Registry entry that's been bugging me every time I shutdown the system for the last, erm, two and a half years (since the last time I re-installed the system and somehow totalled the integrated sound card on the mother board). I'm not one to rush into things...

Besides, I'm listening to a glorious Godley & Creme CD. G'night, Take 2.

As Dawn's roseate fingers...

... start to spread a little rosy glow hereabouts (have you met Dawn, by the way?) the snow may not be deep and crisp and even but, at -2C the ice is well-established on the car's window-bits. It's 07:43 and the remaining nectarines are safely stewed ready for the breakfast tray in a few minutes.

I found this piece on Anne Rice interesting. Mind you, some of the comments struck me as unusually fatuous, even for the "Grauniad". Perhaps all the best relationships start with a ferocious argument! Source and snippet:

The two met in high school; Rice remembers the first time she saw him: "His babyface. He was very cute. And very smart. And I was just kind of amazed by him." They got into an argument about religion, the teenage Stan a "ferocious atheist" who informed the pious schoolgirl that, "If Adam and Eve had existed their children would have been idiots within so many generations of inbreeding." She smiles at the memory. "And I said, that's ridiculous. If God can make the world he can solve that problem, what's wrong with you? There started the 41-year argument that never stopped. I loved him right away."

Emma Brockes in The Guardian

While waiting for...

... my broken bookcases to be beamed up, and carrying on with my CD artwork scanning, I've also been listening to one of my earliest "spoken word" minidiscs. Utterly fascinating, and from a decade ago. Click the pic.

Minidisc, t003

I was very disappointed by the failure of the minidisc format as it's a marvellous little technology. Mind you, I don't miss all that fiddly typesetting I did on all the labels.

It's now 12:10 and no sign of the pickup truck. Time for "lemonses".

Sixteen years since Charles Murray co-wrote "The Bell Curve"? Crikey. Here's an interesting sort-of update, suggesting that "Tea Partiers" (gotta love that noun) are correct in what they say about a New Elite.

My patience is...

... being stretched rather thin. It's now 17:38 and there's still no sign of the broken bookcase collection chappie. [Pause] Yep, as of 21:08 the broken bits are still bagged in the garage. This has been a ludicrously long-running saga.



1  Given it's now after midnight, and I'm tired.