2010 — 10 October: Sunday

Instead of my Sudoku,1 I was sent an overnight email from my ex-ICL chum Ian. He's promised to send me an HTML/CSS puzzle to tackle on behalf of one of the web sites he administers for one of our National Treasures. Could be fun. But not before my healthy burst of fresh air and chatter.

It's 09:46 and there are some hints of sunshine out there behind the bright clouds.

I'm no great fan of numerology, but I always enjoyed Douglas Adams:


Right! Nearly time to set off for the Great Outdoors. Better get dressed.

Should I worry when...

... Aaron Sorkin's next film shows up in a New York Times op-ed piece, being compared to the latest production of the "Ring" cycle at the Met? (Source.)

Well, it won't stop me keeping an eye out for it. It's 15:04 and still deliciously sunny. The walk was glorious.

Somehow, Big Bro has never told me about the NZ 100 Club. (Source.)

As I scan my way...

... gently through my CD artwork, listening (of course) to Jarvis Cocker, in between exchanges regarding the aberrant behaviour of a single <br /> tag on my chum's web page, I note the delightful interview between Mr Cocker and Salman2 Rushdie. Over the years, Sunday afternoon BBC radio has proved pretty reliable (providing you knew where to tune the dial, as it were) all the way back to the wonderful "Fresh Garbage" hosted by Andy Finney in the very early 1970s.

Before I forget...

I keep a gentle eye on an interesting set of links maintained by my chum Steve who used to run the Eastleigh "Pinpoint" CD shop. One of them led me to this:


Time for food, methinks. It's already 19:09... then, almost before you know it, it's 23:48 and time for sleep. When I've done the dishes. G'night.



1  One has to stretch one's brain, but one doesn't wish to overdo things.
2  I notice the web site prefers "Salmon".