2010 — 17 September: Friday

Implausibly, it's once again drifted past midnight — I've unpacked all today's batch of 20 cartons,1 so grabbing a fresh set will be one of my tasks after another round of sleep... At this rate I may even be able to give notice of ending the warehouse contract before the next £93 disappears the way of all flesh. (I also got my latest combined gas and electricity bill, and can already see a significant improvement in my gas consumption, year on year. Good!)

That will do for now. I'm drooping fast, despite the charms of Fiona Talkington and "Late Junction". G'night.

While the tea brews...

... here's the best the overnight spam can offer:

We can make you a new diploma of any university you want, which
will raise your status at work as well as raise your salary to a
higher level.
Don't waist your time and money for nothing.
Call us right now through the following telephones

I don't think I'll ask them to forge an English diploma from Harvard.

Ever onward!

20 cartons later...

... it's now time (10:59) to do some supplies shopping. Still, I've only got another 57 or so to go — I also found the missing #84 though what's in it is anybody's guess. "Put kettle on, Mother!"

Nature's little "slow down" warning heads-up display flickered on while I was foraging in Waitrose — the unwelcome return of the multi-coloured zig-zags that move gradually across my field of view, but which are entirely generated somewhere inside whatever's left of my brain these days. Perfect excuse for that cuppa I was promising myself over an hour ago, a large nectarine, and a spot of "feet up" time.

My cheery disposition...

... is currently under siege. First I have to trek over to a Post Office depot to pay 10p underpaid postage and a "revenue protection" fee of 100p to retrieve a piece of snail mail. Second I get called three times within a two-minute period by two gentlemen (good cop, bad cop) insisting that a colleague has passed them my details as someone who wants to talk to them about uPVC window frames (or some such similar bo**ocks). Apart from anything else, do they really think that's the best route to my wallet? Oops.

On with the cartons. It's 15:06 and clouding over rather theateningly.

HDCP leakage?

Oh dear. (Source.) "Despite the hackers' victory, Intel said encryption technology is still sound and remains the best way to protect content". (Distant sound of horses' hooves and a stable door slamming shut.)

Stumbled across this on hdmi while reading around the topic.

Words fail me... dept.

I wonder if he's read "A case of conscience" by James Blish?

Papal astronomer

I do wonder what Galileo would have said, though. The thought of spreading the Pope's religion (or any other) beyond our planet is not a happy one.



1  And am now running low on spare garage space to hold the empty cartons. I shall have to start flattening them again.