2010 — 24 April: Saturday

Last night's midnight hammering is resolving, this morning, into a hole in the pavement just outside my drive and — it seems — pending loss of electricity1 for several hours, "just as soon as the digger turns up". So that's going to be it for today's diary for a while. It's 08:59.


... I was emailed by my electricity supplier at about 10 pm yesterday, asking me if I'd like to join a panel of users willing to give feedback. The lads outside began filling in their little cavity a few minutes ago so I figured I may as well try switching back on. It worked, and the freezers sprang into life. It's 12:29 and I need a hot cuppa!

This is a wonderful piece by one of my favourites, even though I have no time for her great-grandfather and his zany ideas.

Thanks, Mr Postie...

I also got the CD soundtrack of "August Rush", and am listening to it as I type.


I can understand the (bonus) DVD copy of "Avatar" not holding any extras as it's already a longish film and I expect Mr Cameron wanted to maximise video transfer quality, but I was mildly surprised to discover that the Blu-ray is equally bereft. The DVD (which is PAL) runs six minutes shorter because of the 4% speed-up (25 frames per second versus the 24 frames per second of the original). Aren't TV, video, and film standards wonderful? Still, my first impression is that the lack of 3D won't affect my (re-)enjoyment of this amiable tosh.

I'm an optimist, so I'm going to assume that they will return to slap some more tarmac around and tamp it down a bit...


I'm sure I can squeeze the car out and past this, but that will quickly become very irritating. When I asked what had caused the failure (I must admit I first suspected the chaps who fitted my water meter might have done some damage) I was told it probably dated all the way back to the original builder's work (in 1981).



1  The ubiquitous "Elf & Safety" means it's not just me, of course, that will be temporarily back in the Dark Ages. The lights are going out all over Stourvale Gardens, as Winston might have said.