2010 — 11 April: Sunday

Aah, that's better. A full ten hours or so of the sleep that restores. I forced myself to put aside Diplomatic Incident for later. It will keep. So, it's looking reasonably sunny (at 09:37) and I have a lunch to pack ready for a burst of fresh air somewhere in deepest Hampshire — avoiding explosions, if possible.

Julia Davis is a funny woman, as this interview shows.

Back from Ashmansworth

And an entertaining 6.6 mile ramble. Then an afternoon consolatory cuppa with my main co-pilot, whose father-in-law died this morning 29 months to the day, I note, after Christa. His wife (who set off for the Ipswich hospice in the wee small hours with a police outrider escort provided by her brother) is currently stranded up there with a newish diesel Fiat that (again) won't now start. Really not the best day for this to happen; car hire and RAC services are, it seems, both conspicuously absent or unhelpful on a Sunday in that part of the world.

Now, it's time for the bath that soothes. [Pause] If what I read in Mike's passed-along Sunday Times can be believed, the top man and his "audio" underling at the BBC intend to save face (theirs, that is) by rebranding BBC 6Music as Radio2Xtra and BBC7 as Radio4Xtra. The word for this is — I believe — "pathetic". Others, less suitable for a family web site, do come to mind. Right! Where's that kettle? Good grief; it's already 17:06 and Jarvis Cocker is just playing a track from the lovely "Songs from liquid days". Cool. And now he's talking to the delightfully elfin Laurie Anderson, who claimed never to have heard her lyrics as just performed by Linda Ronstadt on that Philip Glass piece. Cooler!

Artist in residence at NASA... how cool is that?

While I'm out this evening, I think I shall let my Freesat PVR watch this for me.