2009 — 27 December: Sunday

Suddenly, it's 00:30 — it keeps sneaking up on me. Time for some sleep, and to celebrate the (gentle) culling of another 17 books1 from the shelves. It would be funny if it wasn't quite so pathetic!


I'm a-Freud knot

Actually, I was still thinking of Freud as I made my first cuppa of the day this morning. I re-read the couple of pertinent items here and, as it were, stand by them. I preferred his grandson. Now, where did I put my cocaine, Martha?!

It's 09:00 and gloriously sunny though quite moist out there.

It's well-nigh impossible to sneak anything past a well-educated member of the medical profession, isn't it?

Inner ear

Particularly a team from Harvard.2

HDCP? Don't make me laugh

Having reluctantly upgraded my plasma screen and the rest of the video system to bring it all into full hdcp compliance earlier this year I'm not thrilled by this story. On the other hand, broadcast TV forms a very small proportion of my total viewing.

The culling continues...

Besides sorting out another tiny handful of books I've just handed over my first-ever Humax PVR (a mere 80GB device) which will shortly be on its way up to Lancashire, and have hopes of passing along the second (a 160GB device) within the next day or so to a more local new home. I even managed to offload a video switchbox that's also now surplus to requirements. This all helps with the local entropy level. Good. Right. It's 11:44 so I make that well past time for my next cuppa.

God's in his heaven...

Despite his infallibility, it seems the Supreme Pontiff3 and current successor to Peter is unclear on the difference between copyright and trademark. Pontification, indeed. (Source.)

The weather heading this way is looking increasingly grim, so we're planning a walk tomorrow ahead, as it were, of the incoming horrors.

I've been enjoying all the (1969) music being played on BBC 6Music and doing a spot of thinking and remembering. This has been, in some ways, my strangest Xmas ever, but by no means unpleasant. It's now 15:39 and showing signs of becoming a bit chilly.

It seems the 1969 theme continues. Stuart Maconie's "Freak Zone" is featuring Pink Floyd's Umma Gumma and, specifically, exactly the gentle track that I chose for the opening segment of Christa's funeral. Lovely music. But how can it be 40 years old, dammit?! I'm also reading about the Voynich Manuscript online, having been led there from a section of John Casti's "Paradigms regained" touching on that and Richard Gott's beautifully-named Principle of Indifference.

Didn't see it coming... dept.

I'm making a date for tomorrow evening on the BBC's hi-def channel. I have a sentimental fondness for John Wyndham's classic tale. My rather battered Penguin copy dates back to 1963.

Another excellent set of Words and Music. Just listening to the music from "Chinatown". Who needs TV?



1  14 of them coming from the "Writers and Readers" documentary comic book series. Titles like "Freud for beginners" — not a book I feel any need to refer to ever again... Indeed, if Freud hadn't existed, would there ever be a need to invent him? I think not.
2  Recall Tom Lehrer's lyric about the elements, in which he (almost) managed to rhyme "Harvard" with "discovered".
3  I hadn't realised Pontiffs had, as it were, degrees of supremacy. Allah be praised!