2009 — 10 September: Thursday

A day (to be exact, an evening) of considerable defragmentation.1 So, at 00:44 or thereabouts, it's definitely time for a picture of Christa, and then some much-needed sleep:

Christa in Germany, late 1970s

G'night, ahead of a morning walk down in the Forest, followed by an afternoon inspection of two of my toys in their new home. Followed by (I gather) an evening in Totton at a "Pageant". Hmmm.

Is that bright thing...

... up in the sky what I think it is? Yep; Indian Summer, for a day, at least. It's 08:35 and I managed to tolerate the BBC 6Music breakfast show for nearly ten minutes before being forced to retreat to Radio 3. Old age, I presume.

My kind of (screen)writer!

The lovely Nora Ephron, that is:

In 1989, when she was working on the script for When Harry Met Sally, director Rob Reiner challenged her to tell him an awful truth about women he didn't know. Sometimes we fake orgasm, she said. Not with me, scoffed Reiner. Ephron insisted. When the famous Meg Ryan-Billy Crystal deli scene was first screened, Reiner reported that the women were in fits, while the men sat in silence.

Catherine Shoard in the Guardian

Not me! I nearly fell out of the cinema seat. Why, by the way, do you suppose the BBC home page weather forecast is still showing Wednesday's weather? Odd. Right. Time for a spot of walking fuel and to make a packed lunch. And to brush the dried mud off my new boots in readiness for the next layer. It's 09:21 and the sun shines on.

What's that rumbling sound?

My chum Roger will toddle over tomorrow afternoon to hear how the new Audiolab amp sounds compared to the one he's had for the last two decades or so. Should be interesting. Of course, he hasn't heard the new speakers either. I've (perhaps temporarily) taken the Kef subwoofer2 out of the scheme of things. It was a little overwhelming on "normal" music, and that's what the audio side of my system is more about.

Nettles and brambles...

... are just two of my least favourite things, particularly when the Mounce knees are exposed to the elements in what turned out to be a glorious day down in Dorset. Another 7 miles or so added to the rambling total, and now (16:50) after a soothing shower I have a couple of hours to gird my loins for this evening's Totton extravaganza. The new "Beatles" remastered box set, by the way, sounds altogether too tasty and may just have to end up on my Xmas list.

Thanks, Mr Postie

Resting against the venetian blinds were the OS X "Snow Leopard" upgrade DVD and a set of 16 CDs — the audio version of the fourth book of the "Twilight" saga:

CDs and OSX

CD 1 is playing right now.

The Pageant? Hmmm. Least said, soonest forgotten. Nice little arts venue, though. Reminded me somewhat of a miniature version of South Hill Park, Bracknell, well over thirty years ago. We dipped gently out at the half-way point. It's 21:32 — must be time for a cuppa.

I don't know whether it's the result of the just-completed upgrade to my Firefox browser or the misguided genius of the BBC web site, but one of them has decided to allow me to think I can edit the BBC page to get rid of all the junk I don't want, without actually getting rid of it. I don't want the iPlayer. I don't want Sport. I don't want Children. Nor Entertainment. So, another page I shall visit less often in future. How irritating.



1  Both XP systems' main disc drives, plus my entire collection of video discs. But at least I found one of the "lost" sheep.
2  It's still connected, but I've told the pre-amp to ignore it. About the only DVDs in my collection that would demand the subwoofer are "Jurassic Park" and "Top Gun". I tried a little burst of the latter last night without the subwoofer and — at non-niece impressing volume — the bass response of the main front pair is more than adequate to the task. I feel little need to shake the room these days.