2009 — 9 July: Thursday

Already it's 00:35 — this won't do at all. Oh well, here's a picture of Christa from the late 1970s in Old Windsor; always a smile for me:

Christa in Old Windsor, late 1970s

That's it for now. Tomorrow, as they say, is (yet) another day. Oh, and Ulysses still does very little for me. G'night.

Font-astic start to the day?

Time to be ethical — at a reduced price. Amazing. Meanwhile, HTML 5 isn't going to specify one video and audio codec to rule the roost:

After an inordinate amount of discussions, both in public and privately, on the situation regarding codecs for <video> and <audio> in HTML5, I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that there is no suitable codec that all vendors are willing to implement and ship.

Ian Hickson in WHATWG list

Meanwhile, our Melvyn has just signed off for the summer concluding that another mass extinction is ongoing. Fascinating. Definitely need a cuppa to calm the brain after this lot.

You don't often hear Jan Garbarek on "Classical collection". Nice! Now, about breakfast...

The Time has come...

... as the walrus said, to venture out to a new supplier of ready-to-eat comestibles. I tell you, "Ladies who lunch" have nothing on us. Report in due course, assuming the spoon isn't too greasy. Now, where's my pre-emptive Alka-Seltzer?

Chosen venue: Loomies.
Chosen repast: healthy1 breakfast.
Greasiness of spoon: low.
Quality of bikes2 on display: not bad.

Say what?

Chappie on the BBC has just said that whether the newly-created sperm-like cells can swim or not is "a bit of a red herring"! I presume herring can swim...

I thought...

... I'd get my Friday burst of retail therapy in a bit earlier this week. So, the next batch of the Tasty Sookie:


Can we say "Marketing Campaign"?

And my regular monthly mix of words and music, which introduced me to the memorable phrase "teabagging rednecks" from the rather wonderful Janeane Garofalo. Crikey.


Mike Harding played a wonderful comic monologue called "The Secret Life of Walter's Mittens" last night. I've tracked down the artist's website. Looks delightful. Now where's that book of stamps HM Guvmint bribed me with to do that Home Office crime survey? (They called me this afternoon to check up on the interviewer.)

Good grief! Our lords and masters have defeated the guvmint by successfully preserving a clause that permits free speech to be used as a legitimate defence in cases where people stand accused of inciting homophobic hatred. The Christian Institute actually asked people to pray for the success of this cross-party amendment. Makes it that bit harder for Tories to claim not to be a teensy weensy bit homophobic, don'tcha think? Who voted our lords and masters into power in the first place? 'Twasn't me, guv. But then I never did rate David Waddington when he was Home Secretary.


Not only is it 21:53, it's jolly nearly dark. Soon be winter, never fear!



1  Interestingly, "healthy" means bacon with the rind cut off.
2  Must dig out my old "Ogri" annuals!