2009 — 9 May: Saturday

Tonight's picture of Christa and Peter is another one from 1983 during a Spring visit to Netley Abbey country park. I don't think she was hitting the young fella on his noggin...

Christa and Peter in Netley, 1983

It's quite odd, you know, when the only person you speak to1 in the course of an entire day is someone who's dialled your phone by mistake. Can't argue it isn't peaceful though. But now I'm tired. G'night.

A walk...

... is on the not very distant horizon, so I need to gulp down the breakfast and prep a packed lunch. Mr JIT, that's me — it's already 09:17. Tick tock.

Meanwhile, does anyone disagree with Ms Hyde?

The troupe of farceurs includes Phil Woolas, whose turn as Joanna Lumley's ventriloquist's dummy on Thursday was so hilarious that it cannot be long before he is offered a summer season in Bridlington. And it is headed up by dear old Jacqui Smith, who took a while to emerge as the Brown government's breakout halfwit, but has been making up for it ever since with a series of blunders so blatant that you could be forgiven for assuming she is in the pay of a far-east betting syndicate.

Marina Hyde in The Guardian


Back after a gentle trot around the vicinity of Barton Stacey for just over 7 miles. And a fruity shopping expedition in Waitrose on the way home. It's 16:02 and the rain very kindly stayed away for the duration.

I don't know ... you wait ages for a bus, and then along comes more than a trio of the things.

So tonight, we have the extended cut of HIGNFY kicking off at the same time as the extended cut of the examination of 10cc, and then (bless 'em) those pesky schedulers have excelled themselves by putting one of those enticing conversations between Mark Lawson and Ian Hislop up against an examination by Bill Bailey (of all people) of the orchestra, and featuring Anne Dudley. I hardly dare mention the showing of a film based on Armistead Maupin's "The night listener".



1  Not counting the several idiotic politicians you've yelled at on the radio at odd times throughout the day. Don't they realise that by far the best policy when in a hole is to stop digging?