2009 — 29 March: Sunday

I was again listening to the one o'clock news on BBC Radio 2 about 30 minutes ago when — in the time it took the announcer to say "Don't forget the clocks change tonight" — it was an hour later. Yawn. Just time for another picture of Christa, from the Old Windsor living room, in 1976:

Christa in Old Windsor, 1976


Sunny start

NPR has been reminding me that Buddy Holly was killed 50 years ago. I have to admit I was unaware of him at the time. And now, at just after 10:00 the "Car Talk" duo are up and running. I can't say I'm up yet, or running, but at least I have a cuppa to enjoy in the sunshine. And a game of "Hunt the clock" as I search out anything else1 (beyond the microwave and the central heating timer) that needs kicking forward by an hour.

I'm ahead of the curve on water metering, at least:

... an Environment Agency (EA) report to be published this week. Measures include compulsory water meters in every home... The report's release coincides with news that water bills for Britain's 26 million households are to rise 4.1%, taking the average to £342, compared with £285 at the start of the decade.

Robin McKie in The Observer

Until I had the meter fitted, I'd been paying £624 which is (was) already nearly twice the average bill. (How's that, Christa?)


... from a tad of hunter-gathering. Now it's time to shovel in a bit of fuel ahead of this afternoon's dance extravaganza. Also had a brief chat with dear Mama who, like Mae West, says "Come up and see me some time". It's on my list of things to do, of course. Tick tock — 12:43 already, better get my skates on.

Also back...

... from the "Beauty and the Beast" show at the Point. Good fun, and nicely put together. Well done, Lesley and the girls. Right, time for a bit more food, methinks. It's now 18:33 already. Still light, still dry, still pretty cool.

But enough about you...

Crikey. I'd assumed this had to be satire, but now I'm not so sure it is... Perhaps this is? (Smells a bit fishy.)

I must say, by contrast, I really did enjoy listening to Gogol's genuine satire The Government Inspector earlier this evening. (It made a [temporary and temporal] change from "Battlestar Galactica"!) It occurs to me that town councils are probably not so very different these days. And gawd alone knows what members of Brenda's government get up to! Or worse, claim expenses for.



1  I found something. Back in November 2007, Christa had asked the hospice staff to ask me to bring in her "cheap wristwatch" (a £2-99 special from Aldi or Lidl I think) for her to wear. It has a much larger, clearer dial than the expensive little watch I'd bought for her. Since her death, I've been wearing this watch for (I suppose) sentimental reasons. My own much more expensive watch has been neglected. I adjusted its time a few minutes ago, and also had to change its date from "23" to "29"...