2009 — 22 March: Sunday

I actually watched some of Notting Hill last night, as it was being transmitted in high-def on ITV1, while I was also recording stuff (a terrible Colin Firth film) from the BBC HD channel at the same time. Everything seemed to work,1 which is always nice. The latest Humax PVR has a very slick user interface, too. But it's now 00:57, pretty cold outside, and time for some sleep. I shall leave you with tonight's somewhat over-exposed picture of Christa that I took, with her little Minolta camera, back in June 2006:

June 2006

Here's hoping the DNS changes continue to propagate swiftly and without too many glitches. G'night.

The sun, she is a-shining

It's 08:51, there's a warbler warbling away on BBC Radio 3, the first cuppa is way overdue, my email appears to be working, and some breakfast wouldn't go amiss. The website also seems to be fine, though (as Junior pointed out to me yesterday) that statement may only apply to the route between my PCs and the latest web server (which is also somewhere in the Lone Star state,2 I believe). Time will tell.

The Tome Raider

Good God! Is nothing sacred? The six stages of stealing, indeed. Meanwhile, it seems one of my comedy heroes has finally branched out into the cinema. Good!

It's 13:38. The inner man has been fed (pudding consisting of a delicious Granny Smith). The blue sky now contains quite a few fluffy white things. DVD artwork scanning continues. Good job it's only a minor obsession. "The air is as sweet as a mango daiquiri" (in Key West) according to the NPR speaker (Dianne Roberts, a teacher of creative writing [whatever that is] at Tallahassee University). That's a new one!

Good grief...

Now it's 20:33 and I am listening (on BBC7) to a dramatisation of a book I first read in 1960. "Moonfleet" ring any bells? Cracking bit of story, Gromit.



1  Mr Satellite Dish said he'd always advise people to use a larger dish than the standard "Sky" minidish. Since the BBC (and others) set off down the unencrypted Freesat route they had been forced to use a satellite in the Sky cluster with a much more tightly-constrained "footprint" to stop their transmissions leaking across into non-UK areas. I guess every little micro-volt helps. Certainly I've not noticed a single example of pixellation, let alone "No or bad signal", since the dish switcheroo.
2  What a state to be in — haven't been there, in fact, since July 1984. (An IBM business trip, testing the CICS Application Programming Primer draft.)