2009 — 26 February: Thursday

For reasons I'm too tired to go into tonight, not entirely unconnected with the delivery and installation of a new toy yesterday, I shall just have time for tonight's picture of another smile from Christa — this time in her mother-in-law's kitchen in the Midlands, in 1977:

Christa in dear Mama's kitchen, 30 years ago

G'night... at a quite late 01:58. Check out the even simpler A/V diagram. Hope it still makes sense later on this morning. I've not absolutely given up on the DVDO scaler, but it's fair to say we nearly came to blows in the course of a fairly fraught evening. Why I couldn't persuade it to go "up" beyond 720p is still a mystery I shall have to sleep on. And the separate digital audio feed from the Humax satellite is a way round the (current) failure of the hdmi connection to behave itself.

Rays of sunshine

The beautifully-written reviews here and the news that the guvmint is actually considering ways of clawing back a pound or two from an over-rewarded ex-boss of one of my former banks, not to mention the burst of Beethoven I enjoyed from a 1974 performance by Karl Masur of the Ninth, captured on a "metal" tape cassette in 1988, all help compensate for the continuing lack of sunshine through the ten-tenths cloud cover. Time (09:51) for some breakfast.

Isn't 18,000,000,000 licence plate sightings for the UK just a little OTT? What with that and the astonishing article on upskirt photography, I'm left feeling terribly old-fashioned and disconnected from society in the UK somehow.

Good afternoon!

Seems to me there's no point in having a 60" 1920x1080 screen and a spare DVI-D lead and a Linux Media PC and somewhere to put them all without using them, is there?

The newest toy showing what it can do

The kit on the stand under the Media PC is all just parked there, by the way — not hooked up.

Having just helped my neighbour move out an elderly Sony CRT 32" TV (and duly admired its 40" LCD replacement) I should just about have time (it's now 15:51) to wash and brush-up before setting off on tonight's little cultural escapade. Back considerably later, I predict...