2007 — 30 December: finally (initially) sunny Sunday

I am watching in some bemusement as my friendly driving instructor1 grapples with the mystery that is the upstairs loo's flush mechanism. We've got it successfully into bits, which is a major step beyond what I had managed, but have yet to figure out the cure (though the problem's symptom is crystal clear). It's just as well "Curtis Bros DIY" is open.

More open than my eyes, frankly. I stayed up quite late again last night (02:30 or so) working through the rest of the MP3 collection and have now finished building an initial playlist for New Year's Eve. Cathy's phoned to say she's on her way round with a suitably empty iPod so I can load it up and take it along tomorrow.

Cathy has now been and gone again. She is running, as it were, at least as late as I am. For "suitably empty" read "sacrificable" as it seems you can only load (or "sync") from one iTunes library at any one time. Although the transfer process seems to have completed all I now can persuade from the iPod is a "battery low" warning. I shall leave it connected via the USB in hopes that it will now trickle charge itself. I'm not completely confident, though, as the device is not reporting its presence on my iMac's desktop.


Meanwhile, what to do with all this sunshine that the BBC forecast got muxed ip? I think an afternoon walk with young Michael may well be on the cards. But, alas, no longer as the sun has gone into hiding and time is ticking on. Besides, despite yesterday's mammoth restocking exercise, it seems I managed to forget one or two vitals, so I shall shortly be firing up the Yaris for a quick trip. First a bite for the inner man. Later this evening, I'm invited over to Winchester for a meal and I'll be taking Stardust with me for a repeat viewing.

Lurgy, lurgy, everywhere

Blimey! Everybody I called round to see this afternoon either had, or was getting over, some generic nasal lurgy (those that weren't simply not at home, that is — no names, Len). My enhanced mobility is an enormous benefit. I even saw Jim Geraghty making his way on foot somewhere from some Hiltingbury shopping, but it wasn't safe to stop and chat. Well, it might have been for a more experienced driver, but I hardly think slamming the anchors on and rotating through 180° is on the cards just yet.

However, I've just learned of the possibility of a brief trip down to Novatech in the near future and have stocked up with petrol for my upcoming taxi duties. I think I'm all set.



1  Before completing the "Pass Plus" training report form.