2007 — 28 December: the Friday wanderer's return

Well, I'm back!

Leigh was out quite early, taking the dogs for a haircut (I never did get the trim she promised me, but never mind). So, after a chat with Ann, I set off at 09:30 with a packed lunch kindly prepared by her, but I then powered on through (or some such term) turning onto my drive at 11:50 this morning with another 136 miles added to the running total. The house is (I hope) glad to see me! I am curiously glad to see it, though it is very quiet and seems empty.

Mrs Sat Nav never once resorted to "Recalculating" though I had a cringe-worthy moment when I drifted rather far to the left of my lane and thus rather too close to a large, slow-moving lorry at the large "Tesco" roundabout just north of Winchester. I confess I then just tucked myself quietly into the left hand lane and settled for a perfectly adequate 50 mph or so for the final stretch.

The washing machine is doing its thing, and I've spent a couple of hours typing in these notes to bring the diary of this truly strange Christmas up to date. It's a hobby...

Swansea is awake

My new photocard driving licence and paper counterpart were waiting for me when I opened the front door. Quite how I'm supposed to keep them together is another matter, but at least the "L" plates have gone, though the duct tape residue lingers on.