2007 — 26 December: aka Boxing Day

Well, I could watch the dawn from my bathroom window, and I did. Of course, dawn's pretty late at this time of year. The overnight rain has gone and the sky is mostly pale blue. I've been dozing on and off but Katie bounced onto my bed and gave me to understand it was time to get up and dressed. (Actually, she'd been sent upstairs to rouse Leigh but prefers blokes so carried on up the stairs to me.)

Down in the kitchen were Ann and her mum, and a freshly-made cuppa. So that, a couple of mince pies, and a plum, are staving off the pangs until the household decides what it's up to this morning I guess. I see an enormous difference between the quiet of a peaceful house and the quiet of an empty house. Logically, it can only be a psychological difference, but it feels very different all the same. I foresee some dog walking in my near future. Hark! A distant hair dryer!

So, at 13:15, with a variety of food tucked away and several games of Wii tennis with Carol (former partner of Ann) under my mostly losing belt, what's next? It seems we're out of cling film, and a trip to some shops looms. Plus, possibly, my help with a crossword or two. Also briefly chatted with Leigh about my will; she is, after all, managing partner of a thriving law firm.

And some quiet sitting/thinking, too.

Shops are shut, but the neighbourhood — and parts of Sutton Park — have been luxuriously toured in Leigh's Jaguar XK8. Now for some serious Wii! Pathetic performance, but a good long natter. With Eileen the golfing magistrate, and another Polish lady.

20:20 and a turkey / ham / mushroom pie plus bubble and squeak.

23:55 and the Wii Olympics are over for tonight. Some of the graphics and sound effects are essentially unevolved since the early Nintendo 8-bit console days. But the game play has come a long way. My skill remains about the same, however.