2007 — 19 November: it's a brand new (Mon)day

It's 08:30 and Junior slumbers peacefully on. I had a poor night, waking almost every hour from about 4 a.m. so I feel dopey at the moment. However, I have a mock Driving Test to look forward to in 30 minutes so I shall be plenty busy between now and then! More later.

Funeral service for Christa — Friday 23rd November

At 2:15 p.m. in the West Chapel of Southampton Crematorium, Bassett Green Road.

I am sending out an email and I will be calling people. Christa did not want "a big fuss". She wanted people to remember the happy person that She was. She wanted a small-scale ceremony, informal dress, non-religious. And then, or over a period of time afterwards, a continuing celebration of Her life as She lives on in peoples' memories.

I feel I must warn you that I am no better with crowds1 (I suspect only people who know me well will understand) than I have ever been, but I assure you I will do my best, and I am happy (if that's the appropriate word) to see any of Christa's friends at any time before or after this particular rite de passage. Indeed, I'm convinced the grief we are all currently feeling can best be eased and healed by talking gently to others who also know only too well the magnitude of our recent mutual loss.



1  I mean no disrespect, but I am (and have always been) cripplingly shy and I freely admit I am currently stretched pretty well in the direction of breaking point. My son Peter will be at my side to help catch me if I stumble, as it were, but it seems Big Bro will be unable to attend as he is now back in New Zealand.