2007 — 6 November: sunny Tuesday

Time now (08:26) and it's time to start thinking about breakfast before my first trip out to the hospice. They discourage visitors on a Tuesday ("Carers' day off") but I rather think they could tell from the look in my eyes yesterday that it will not be worth their while trying to stop me getting in. Well, I certainly wouldn't want the hospital repair bill for anyone foolish enough to stand in my way at the door...

Tonight's lucky co-pilot will be Mike P, another ex-IBMer. Wednesday, I think I'd arranged for Heidi to take a second trip, but I must check with her of course. On Thursday, Lesley gets the job (I will have had another driving lesson by that afternoon, by the way). And on Friday I rather hope to be accompanied by Iris.1


She was really on great form this morning. Lucid, alert, funny. Getting there a bit earlier seems to have chimed better with the meds. Can you believe She actually apologised for not having died yet?! "I like being alive and seeing you," She said. Well, that certainly makes two of us. She went on to check I'm cleaning the house properly, eating (to keep my weight up) properly, shopping sensibly, chucking out stuff2 that can be chucked out, etc. We even went through the outline funeral arrangements (again) though I didn't dare ask exactly which Pink Floyd track She wants to be played. She'd probably suggest I choose in any case.

This is my Best Girl, folks. Isn't She something?

Afternoon detours

At Her command, I swung by the Carphone Warehouse people in Hedge End, and She will therefore get Her new Nokia 2310 pay-as-you-go this evening; I'm charging it right now. It's on the "Mobile World" network which seems to offer cheaper calls to Germany than just about anyone else. We shall see. She was pretty tired this afternoon, but recalls having seen Her consultant this morning.

Evening round-up

To my considerable irritation, the hospice building blocks mobile signals. Out in the (finally empty) carpark was fine, but that's not going to help my Best Girl, is it? Thanks, Mike P. Bumper to bumper crawling gently in, but quite a lot better on the return, and safely back at 19:45 or so. She was visibly wilting from time to time, but we had a nice little natter and a few laughs along the way. This was good. Another day, as they say.



1  It was Iris who drove me the wrong way up an empty one-way street on the day of my job interview at IBM (in 1981) to try to get me back to a train in time... Don't worry, Iris, I won't tell anyone!
2  We were already in the midst of a fairly large-scale tidying-up exercise just before She was admitted to the General in mid-October.