2007 — 25 October: uncertainty

Time now (08:14) but last night's late phonecall was troubling as She was in some difficulties and discomfort with this pressure relief valve. I have yet to learn more, but am most worried. This is horrible.

My soulmate ended up sedated for the night, which is on balance probably a good thing. I spoke to Her briefly a few minutes ago (08:55ish) and will go in to see Her in the early afternoon. We've just spoken again at 11:35, but She said it was not a good time. I have to tell myself (and keep telling myself) that She is currently in the best place for Her comfort and care, no matter that She and I would both much prefer to be together at home. I'm not sure I convince myself, but I have to try. She sounded as if She was doing a bit better this morning and, in truth, probably had a better night than I did. I can only repeat: this is horrible. After that, words just fail me.

Time to force down some breakfast, then briefly out in the car to help Peter to his bank, get back to catch the meals delivery, and then out again in the afternoon to drive around some more in Southampton, including into the General to see Her.

Morning mission accomplished

To Fryern, parking in the Nat West car park reached via its very narrow access road. Watched how a van driver made his escape and thus got back out(!), next along to the Lidl car park just because it was there, got back out, up and over the railway bridge, left and up the hill past a former cubicle colleague's road, carrying on through some winding lanes and back towards Eastleigh, skirting the motorway, past the Wessex, through the roadworks, through Fryern and back home for 10:55 or so. A mere eleven miles so far, but the accumulated total is now about 360 miles and nine days (and still around 50mpg). I had no idea, until studying for the Theory Test, just how constantly hazard-filled the process of driving has become. It's positively relaxing to find the occasional stretch of clear open road, or even to take a breather at traffic lights.

Did I mention the constant drizzle? My co-pilot says he is running out of driving situations to throw at me. Since he's been driving for nearly 40 years1 I know that cannot really be true, but it's still nice to hear.

Afternoon, and tomorrow

Drove through Romsey and back "round" to the General via Ower, Lyndhurst, Millbrook, Maybush, and Shirley, so I've now just gone past the 400 mile total, and been in yet more "situations".2 But I have no co-pilot tomorrow as he's off to France for the day while I keep the five cats topped up. So I've just enlisted the help of my chum Roger, who will either ride shotgun or perhaps simply drive me there. And Junior will be down here in the evening, too.



1  He was kind enough to tell me this evening after supper that [so far] my driving has been exemplary.
2  Roadworks, mud on the road, slow-moving works traffic, stop-start bumper-to-bumper queues through a surprisingly full Lyndhurst, lane-jockeying on a variety of roundabouts, and the occasional act of kindly courtesy to such an elderly learner driver!