2007 — 3 October: wish the "Roads" scholar luck!

Time now (08:13) and the flow of morning meds has (of course) already kicked off. Not a brilliant night for the pair of us, though mercifully undisturbed by pain. I must get down to the surgery, too, this morning (before the driving lesson) with the details of the overnight catheter bag so they know what to re-order. I've taken the precaution of scanning in the details. Makes a change from DVD artwork,1 I must say!

If you missed my nested footnote yesterday (and I wasn't convinced it would work) it said we both thought Becoming Jane was a fine film no matter how little Ms Hathaway looks like the only "known" portrait of Ms Austen.

Time for a spot or two of brekkie.

Oops!... department

Now it's after 22:24 already. The consultant phoned in mid afternoon to ask where were we yesterday. When I explained that the Tuesday radiation session had been moved forward to last Friday, he conceded a breakdown in communication at his end, but he would still like to see my Best Girl in a fortnight or so. Shall be done.

The new catheter bags have to be ordered in from Bristol, and will arrive on Friday. So that was another half-successful trip to the chemist.

And, given the urgency of my need to get a driving licence, the driving instructor strongly recommends buying an automatic, which we then spent quite a lot of the afternoon trying to do. Two separate trips into Southampton, in fact. What with fitting in the visit from the palliative nurse (and student in tow) earlier and a most enjoyable post-teatime chat/visit from Cathy G...

Christa and Cathy

...there is just never a dull moment, I assure you.



1  Since removing all my DVD cover artwork scans from my "Video" pages about a month ago I've noticed a significant drop in the volume of web traffic from search engines (and a major saving in server bandwidth!) It's interesting to see what people go looking for on this Interweb malarkey, isn't it? Pictures play a large part, it seems.