2007 — 7 September: taking things easier

Nasty bout of breakthrough pain last night (technically at 2 this morning) after quite a busy day. This ate into our Beauty Sleep, so we're on a definite "go slower" this morning. It's 09:30 and breakfast is under way. We're pinning our hopes on a less malevolent crossword. Pah! Stuck on just one1 clue, and it's probably a silly synonym in any case. Clue: "Forwards" (8).

I must say, today's wheeled meals turned up exceptionally early, so I had to keep them hot but risk drying out the braised beef. Plus we both had our first-ever spotted dick (or should that be dicks?) The 1942 Noël Coward classic In which we serve has been safely captured2 to a hard drive for catching up on fairly soon, and we've jointly decided we prefer the sound of a nap to Film4's transmission of Cleopatra this afternoon — it's just about 2:30 as I type.

Beats working for a living, heh what?

8 pm already

And we're well into the film.



1  Actually (and, of course, hence my/our difficulty with it) the answer revealed itself after the nap. It turned out to be a sporting term — most unsporting considering our combined zero interest! We had S*R*K*R*
2  I briefly sampled it; there is some deliciously clunky dialogue delivered by the Master. For example, an officer remarks on a sunrise, saying it reminds him of a scene on a calendar he was given the year before. "Did the calendar include a squadron of Dorniers in the upper right hand corner?" asks the Captain (Coward). "No, sir." "There, you see how art departs from reality." "Yes, I suppose so."