2007 — 30 August: is that it for summer?

While one hesitates to predict summer on the basis of a single swallow, ... a single swallow (of the latest pill) does appear to have helped significantly. We both slept better (consequently) and I, for one, am now guardedly optimistic. Time (08:55) to start the brekkie prep and the incoming tide of meds.

11:30, and the living is easier

A delightful chap has just delivered three sets of meals (two frozen, for the weekend) and one piping hot for eating in the near future. Absolutely brilliant; it buys us significantly more time1 and ditto less worry. Meanwhile, She who must be adored has stoked up on all brekkie and meds and zizzed like a good 'un until just a few minutes ago. She's now dressed, up, and pottering (She promises, gently) about, so I can do something about the disgusting state2 of what's left of my hair.

Firing on more cylinders

She's been up and at 'em again, this afternoon. I tell you, an afternoon nap after a meal (something I watched her parents indulge in thirty years ago) has a lot to recommend it. She points out we slept more deeply between interruptions (rather than just "better") as I put it above, and since She's the one making corrections and suggestions to my text, I accept them without question (of course). I remember well the times I would bite peoples' heads off at work for having the temerity to think they could improve my written English... But I was young and immature last year, I guess.

Anyway, it's now 15:30 and She's still active. I attribute this to good food, better pain control, and decent sleep.



1  Even if it's just used for some "down time" that's extremely precious — trust me!
2  Like the mythical "5 second" rule for dropped food, it's not actually true that — beyond a certain point — it no longer needs washing!