2007 — 27 August: Bank Holiday, heh?

Christa first thought we'd head off to the seaside1 (She says, with that sense of humour, remember) but then remembered She's actually a bit unwell at the moment, so we settled for taking all the meds,2 not being sick, emptying catheters, a spot of cooking, a mere smidgin of basic household maintenance, pottering gently round the house (yes, She's been up out of bed several times for short periods) and reading the paper for the first time again in four days. When I, in turn, got to the paper earlier this evening I have to say I found it both depressing and trivial.

She is now (10:40 pm) sleeping soundly after a pretty Good Day. But this is an exhausting business; I can well understand why women need wives to help out...

Meanwhile, in between relocating many files onto the new server over in Texas, I learned how to do "nearly instant" Chinese noodles, which She polished off far quicker than I could have. And I have tried to pre-empt problems on the website. Whether I've succeeded3 is a horse of a different shade running in a different race, of course. Pre-emption, in this case, means putting in place .html variants of the pages that people may already have bookmarked, since they will have .html in their bookmarks, not .shtml



1  One of our very favourite pastimes. We both love the sea.
2  Just for the hell of it, let's run through my daily checklist: 1. Anti-acid (Lansoprazole) 2. Anti-nausea (Metoclopromide; 3 daily) 3. Capecitabine (the — correction, one of the — cancer killers; two sets of 3 daily) 4. morphine in pill form (currently two sets of 3 daily) 5. morphine in oral form for quicker absorption when the pain is just too much (as needed) 6. good ol' paracetamol for keeping background level of pain relief topped up (up to four doses a day) 7. Senna to help keep things moving along 8. Movicol (ditto) 9. Lactulose (ditto) 10. a weekly EPO injection and, currently, 11. Sucralfate (for the mouth sores) plus 12. Aciclovir for any cold sores on her lips. Lucky 13, the steroid Dexamethasone, was dropped this cycle.
You can see why I'm steering clear of alcohol, I suspect? I need a certain clarity of mind!
3  Basically, only my server side includes have remained type .html and (were I any less lazy or preoccupied) I might even rename them all to type .ssi of course. Though that would have been well over 3,000 files to be edited which, even with the splendid WildEdit and my limited knowledge of Regular Expressions, is quite a tall order. Every other .html file on my site [to be precise, every other .html file on my site that contains a server side include — and that's basically every non-image file on the site] has had to become file type .shtml for reasons I won't bore you with.