2007 — 10 August: LEO pioneers ahoy!

The mighty hunter-gatherer will be off to Waitrose later today to grab a bite for the Smythsons, who hope to pop in on their way home from Lyndhurst round about tea time. (John was the first programming instructor on LEO computers back in the 1950s; I'm less sure of Judy's involvement, but I figure maths was a large part of it.)

More to come, no doubt. But it's currently a slightly sluggish start for the two not-very-good-sleepers (last night) members of the household. Still, checking yesterday's crossword solutions always makes for a good start... Time for brekkie.

Hot stuff

The mighty h-g has been out twice, and a bite has been grabbed for consumption fairly soon now. (It's just past 4 o'clock.) Christa is absolutely zonked on her rich mixture of meds, but not in pain and certainly fully compos mentis — just thoroughly worn out. Much as we love our LEOnine chums, they'd better not plan on staying for too long! Particularly as they're now (6:30) over an hour later than their estimated arrival time. Good job we're all retired, heh?

From Christa

She reads all your e-mails, but simply doesn't (yet) have the stamina to respond individually to them all. But She appreciates every message you send, believe me! Thank you (from David) for all your kindly thoughts and deeds. They do help us both, immensely.

A Good Day?

On balance, yes, a Good Day. Supply of pain killer renewed. Sitting slightly easier. Shopping safely carried out (thank you, Peter) including an excellent set of cards for a certain young niece (sorry! Great Niece!) in NZ and a forthcoming nuptial in the Midlands. Good friends seen, fed, and chatted to, and a good home found for one of the water-lilies. We're both tired now, but looking forward to a Good Night! In fact, I shall have to wake Her soon, for just long enough to down the morphine. Funny old Life, heh?