2007 — 16 July: retail therapy

Since I have a firm mid-morning date to hit the shops for a bunch of vitals ahead of Her potential return to the domestic hearth some time on this Tuesday, I almost feel safe in starting this entry while it's still Sunday evening. Mind you, as soon as I pop the sleeping pill I suspect I will once again be out like that proverbial light-switch. And, bingo!, Monday before you know it.

My impending awesome upswing in domestic responsibility terrifies me, frankly. Nor does it seem to be rewarded by HM Government. But it turns out (as I was discussing with Roger when he dropped by on a most welcome comfort visit yesterday) that a chap simply has to do what a chap1 has to do, and hang everything else. Mind you, a nurse or two would be very handy. Perhaps the GP can point some in my direction before she heads off on holiday?


Not only did Christa's good chum Heidi bake a cake and bring some over for us2 just a few minutes ago to cheer us up, but also Christa's Chemo man is going to let me take her home tomorrow to complete the first cycle of the first course of chemo-therapy in aforesaid domestic hearth. Details to be finalised, of course, on my visit this afternoon.

I rather hope, therefore, to cease the sleeping pills. (Not that having Her at home is soporific; not in the slightest!)

Nearly forgot: "Yippee!"

Still on track for re-entry

To whatever's going to be passing for a semblance of normality from now on. Wish us both luck. Wish me further luck, too, as I "abruptly stop" my sleeping pills. (The instructions say don't do this, but I'm on the minimum dose, and have only taken five in total, out of 28. It's hard to see how I could further reduce except by taking one on alternate nights and I can always kid myself that's precisely what I'm now doing. I don't see any logical difference but then perhaps my thinking is crooked already?)

I guess if you see footprints on the sides of the house you'll know I'm doing a spot of "up the wall" pacing! But the mutual drowsiness of our phone call a few minutes ago (about 21:15) bodes well.



1  I don't imagine anyone would think of describing me as a medical professional!
2  Did you notice me sneak in a first person plural there?