2007 — 20 May: the soothing sound of a car alarm, heh?

"After midnight" it's not as soothing as the JJ Cale track. Well, at least it isn't ours. I don't think the budget Toyota was working to allowed for such frippery. (The budget on our Mercedes obviously didn't allow for any usability testing of their alarm. And although the BMW Mini Cooper S probably had one, we never found it or triggered it.)

Sadly, we thought Music and Lyrics was not very much to write home about. Amiable enough, but Hugh Grant is no Cary Grant. It had a few moments, but they were rather widely separated...

After a (CD) ripping time,1 I think it's best to turn in, so I will be bubbling over with inspiration (or something) come time for dear Mama's next letter, later today. It's the 32nd anniversary of Dad's death today — should I cheer myself up (or down) with Dawkins' latest, I wonder?

Meet my (journalistic) soul mate

He's equally spine-obsessed, it seems... Mind you, no matter how carefully he studies my shelves, he won't find his own name. Yet. Though I think he might have, in the past. I'm fairly sure this is the chap who compiled a couple of Guardian Guides to general elections, back in the days when we seemed almost on the brink of a Liberal Democratic balance of power, and I still had a vague suspicion that voting changed anything.

Day 198  


1  I must say, the Intel Core 2 Duo munches its way through the .wav files on a CD at a considerable rate of knots. I've been getting speeds of up to 24x. This makes the tedious process a whole lot more bearable the second time around.