2007 — 17 May: I've been a bad, bad, boy!

I foresee a mite of upheaval in my future, caused by more than a mite of laziness in my past. Since it purely concerns my music collection, (and [more specifically] the 2,500 or so non-classical CDs) casual readers are advised and welcome to drop out right now, before their eyes glaze completely over. Just look for a heading further down the page, to see if I ever get off this topic today.

"It all started when"... I noticed (long after I should have done) that some of my CD titles were missing from my MP3 collection. How could that be? Idiot child that I am, some of my CDs were stored up in the loft after archiving to minidisc, but before ripping1 to MP3 (which latter process only started two or three years ago "when I had the technology"). Compound that with the fact that all the MP3 management software (when working its magic on the MP3s' ID2 tags) seems to prefer to file items like Artist name in what I would call simple alphabetical order where I've long preferred the "surname first" route, and we have a first-class recipe for chaos when it comes to reconciling my database listing, my MP3 files, and my physical CD collection which, to make matters worse, is randomly scattered through numerous packing cases in aforementioned loft, rather than obsessively filed in neat order on the shelves downstairs.

What shelves? There's no damn room!

Did I mention that the CDs are also re-packed in pairs in "double" cases with typeset labels? No? Well that just adds to the fun. Now, I suspect, might be a good time to re-rip them with a higher sampling rate, too. And/or a different sampling technology. And perhaps even to scan the cover artwork? Unless I lose the will to live. Jolly good job I'm retired.

Good morning, Ms Postie!

Whatcha got there for me?

Day 195  


1  To be honest, I thought I'd systematically retrieved them all from the loft to rip to MP3, but if I'm to believe the likes of Media Monkey and iTunes there have been some significant lapses! Ironically, for example, all the Dire Straits CDs are among the set of those "missing in action". (You might say "Brothers" are up "in Arms" about this...)
2  Inaccuracies and inadequacies in which are a whole different ballgame.