2007 — 25 Apr: History in the re-making

Having been ticked off for showing a water-skiing Oriana in yesterday's entry I have spent the bulk of the morning (so far) adjusting reality. Who said the camera doesn't lie? And the 2.8 degrees counterclockwise result is now available at a web page adjacent to this one. Mind you, I had to clip off the top to hide the weird beige/orange backdrop that Photoshop Elements decided I wanted to show, and — having passed my copy of the "Fix-it" book over to Big Bro — I have no idea how to paint that bit out.

Mind you, my chauffeur and image consultant has an equally tilted1 slant on Life, if you ask me:


Just call me William Friese-Greene!

Set the controls...

..to stun. There are some pretty little things to be seen hereabouts. And there's a free lunch riding on the hunt for the Frog orchid, it seems. (Though I'm hanged if I see much resemblance myself.) So much more fun, at times, than endlessly wrestling with Linux, or any other malevolently-written software, come to that. But I have to say my respect for Photoshop Elements has risen considerably.

Another long-delayed round tuit shuffled nonchalantly into reach today. The result is a fully assembled "Tri-Truk" trolley — thanks again, ex-colleagues, it's just what She ordered, and has already been put to work (by me) shifting the milkman's overnight delivery of garden compost sacks. Not something we ever got from our previous milkman, by the way.

Day 173  


1  If anything, I'd say he leans the other way!