2007 — 1 Apr: keeping my head down

A good way/day to avoid practical jokes...

Rabbits! Tonight, by the way, BBC Radio 4 is broadcasting a repeat of the programme "Last Word" in which Matthew Bannister examines the life stories of people who have died recently. IBM Fellow Fran Allen is interviewed in New York talking about John Backus (the father of FORTRAN — the first programming language I learned). Twiddly umpty years ago. I'd be delighted if the BBC web site could spell Fran's name correctly, but you can't have everything. Also interviewed is Jim Horning.

Fran's home town blog spells her name correctly, but gets wrong the name of her recent award (giving it as the "Turin" award). It reminds me that a previous recipient of the Turing award, Edsger Dijkstra, referred to his Volkswagen campervan as his, wait for it, Universal Turing Machine.

Star prize

Having booked his one night in the HK airport hotel for him (a mere $HK 2,700, or about six pence in Imperial units) I've decided Big Bro can also have today's star prize: that surplus-to-my-shelves copy of Photoshop Elements 2, tips and tricks. I shall just have to make do with Aperture 1.5.2 on the iMac as he's decided not to switch away from the wonderful world of Windows on his PC. I rather thought it would be a step too far for him. These older folk — no flexibility!

If you go down to the sea today... department

You can find all sorts of wild life down at the coast. Here, in Lepe country park, is an example of that rara avis young Sam; more normally to be seen in Hursley Park. Keep working Sam, I need the pension!

Sam Sultana

Day 149