2007 — 29 Mar: Einstein-ian or Parkinson-ian?

Good grief! No sooner have I put one diary entry to bed when, to my perpetual surprise (it's now midnight, which seems to occur each day but always sneaks up on me) it's time for the next one. As I wrote to my friend Carol (only yesterday, now!): If retirement on your side of our little pond is anything like it is over here, there is quite simply not enough time. I don't know whether it's Einsteinian relativistic contraction or simple Parkinsonian work expansion but, whatever the cause, I surely do love being a slothful creature! And I haven't even listed my latest batch of Amazon-ian goodies. Tsk. Tsk.

I also took time out to tease her gently about Ashley church having been built by a chap (William de Briwere) born in or about 1145, which somewhat predates her settlement in Croton-on-Hudson. But then, she has a nuclear power plant just upriver from her, which the river Test most certainly lacks.

My accomplice in our "Last of the Summer Wine" escapade yesterday sent me one of my photos of the church's "musty" interior. He'd fed it to Picasa's I'm feeling lucky adjustments and thereby miraculously improved the contrast even as the colours became rather more saturated. Talk about raising the dead!

Wall painting

Big day today: I finally got around to making the bedside alarm clock compliant1 with DST. Good job I've never had to find out how to make it alarm me. And now (10.55) I suppose I really ought to clamber out of my jim-jams! Frankly there's more of interest in Lidl's latest newsletter than the entire Guardian this morning. What's the world coming to?

Not a dry eye in the Molehole department

I've just finished listening to, and laughing helplessly at, Phyllida Law reading one of her late husband's "Magic Roundabout" stories. A five-a-side rugby international starring Brian (small mollusc) as the ball, basically. Even better, I captured it simultaneously on the last few minutes of a minidisc and as a .wav file that is easy-peasy to convert to an mp3. Thank you, Audacity!

Mind the gap

This Google tool is remarkable. Plus the "official" Mark Thomas website — I've just enjoyed his 30-minute attempt to show how ridiculous are the new laws limiting demos in and around parliament square. SOCPA,2 anyone?

Day 146  


1  I should not wish my reader to think I'm behind the times.
2  Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, 2005.