2007 — 14 Feb: time enough for love?

Corny perhaps, and a pretty terrible (certainly over-long) Heinlein novel title, too. On the other hand, I bought it in April 1974 and it's still on my bookshelf. As is John Brunner's The sheep look up from that same shopping expedition to London's "Dark They Were & Golden-Eyed".

Good old Guardian. They published a wonderful photo by David Levene of the Millennium Bridge across the Thames yesterday, but can I find any trace of it on their web site? Don't be silly! It was technically very cleverly focused with the focal plane shifted and angled to follow the line of the bridge itself.

Wide-eyed and wistful

No, not a Japanese animé character or even a Hallmark card moppet. More my discovery that (here in the UK, at least) Dell's tasty 30-inch TFT widescreen is available for about £290 less than the Apple equivalent. I'd still need a graphics card upgrade, though, to venture above 1,920 x 1,200 little dots on the screen.

Mind you, the £1700 Mac Pro that sits at the top of their hardware range manages to drive their 30-inch display (a mere £1549 extra, remember!) on the back of a 256MB nVidia GEForce 7300GT. I quote from their ungrammatical bit under the heading "Killer graphics":

Three stellar graphics card options lets you choose the card that meets your specific needs. And every one lets you connect up to two displays, including one 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display.

Apple's UK web site

Day 103