2007 — Day 88 - what a Vista!

Does it fall to me to make the obvious joke, I wonder? (What an appalling vista...) Or should I recount the further amusement of a second batch of corrections to the Guardian's newer doggy wallchart?

Maybe I'll just settle for mild criticism of photographic equipment websites that claim things (like, oh, say, a particular model Nikon slide scanner) are in stock when they are not. Well done, Amazon! You're not the cheapest, but... By the way, how cool is this?

Gorilla Pod

Or, better yet, just quote this tiny Q&A extract from a recent piece by Jennifer Wells in the Toronto Star about the undervalued status of grumpy employees:

Companies have a knack for placing non-risk-taking, non-creative types in management positions.


Jing Zhou — a professor of management at Rice University in Houston

Life at the Bottom

No, not (quite) a description of my status as a retiree. The title, in fact, of Theodore Dalrymple's 2001 book (thank you, Mr Postie). Anything else? No. Oh well, never mind. So now I'm torn between Junior's Ubuntu setting up (by the way, Peter, according to an interview snippet with Mr Gates on NPR's Morning Edition Microsoft is working on TV over the Internet but not on jet packs) and some grimly depressing, amusingly written essays exploring the dysfunctional set of values "constantly reinforced by an elite culture searching for victims". No contest.

30 January 2007