2006 — Day 51 - Christmas Eve? Impossible!

How was your day? I refer my honourable friend to the reply I gave yesterday... But as I continue to apply the human equivalent of our plumber's upcoming Power Flush there are signs that the virus is working on a white flag to fly. Just in time for Junior's return home later today, for those of you who remember the old Tony Hancock comedy album16 (and permit me a tad of poetic licence).

Irresistible department

Remember that "James Tiptree" biography (ie, the life story of Alice Sheldon)? Well, having bought the book, I popped back to the site of Lesley Hall who'd pointed me to it in one of two sets of recommended reading, and saw that the entry had been updated to take in the review written, and published, in the BSFA's "Vector" magazine. That, in turn, hosts a delightful editorial blog one of whose entries for December 21, brings me to this update...

Anyone who confidently asserts that the true predecessor of 'The West Wing', the great science fiction show that ended its seven-season run this spring, is the movie 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' just has to be read, don't you agree? Here's the link.

24 December 2006  


16  "Tea? Tea? Is that your answer to everything? Let's have a nice cup of tea?"
"Oh, all right then — two lumps please..."