2006 — Day 25 - shock horror (bug in IE)

Talk about Fiddler on the Hoof. Once I got the idea of reworking the front page of this site I had to give it a go. I thereby exposed what seems in my opinion a nasty little feature1 in IE7. In earlier days in IBM the only way we would have described this would have been to use the word "Incredible" (after the colloquial version of the phrase "Bovine excreta" was officially outlawed by da management). I am indebted to Mike Cowlishaw's IBM Jargon dictionary2 for this adjectival info.

Methinks the Web standards books have arrived in the nick of time. It's entirely possible (indeed, highly likely) my CSS is at fault. If so, I will promptly admit to having stolen it, of course — watch this space.

Following trenchant criticism from downunder:

Please please fix your Prev/Next buttons so they stay in exactly the same position independent of the length of the page heading - it's not up to your usual high usability std I think.

Ian Brackenbury

thank you, Ian, I have cheated and used an HTML table for a quick'n'dirty fix. But not before I'd re-installed Xara's Web Style application and footled around fruitlessly for a while, concluding that what the world needs now is not yet another JavaScript image rollover.

(Very) minor triumph department

Both the Humax PVR and the Panasonic DVD PVR have (briefly, at any rate) empty hard drives, with everything archived that merited it. (Most recent being Festival by the lady responsible for two wonderful series of The Book Group.) Contrast this with friend Len's unhappy situation: a failing Sky+ from which he still needs to suck material. Or, even worse, with friend Brian's situation: a pile of watchables accumulated while he's been touring NZ for more than a month.

28 November 2006  


1  If you try resizing your browser font size while examining said front page (in IE7, of course) you'll see what I mean. The good news is, you can now resize IE's font size by Ctrl/+ or Ctrl/- but the bad news is this misbegotten son of a browser has the temerity to rescale my image map (despite my specifying an absolute and fixed height and width, if you please) presumably in a misguided attempt to keep the map's size constant relative to the changing font size. And it simultaneously breaks all my nice text buttons along the top into the rotten bargain. "Breaks" is maybe a tad harsh. The buttons still work as links; it's just that all the text in them shifts along to the left (huddling together for comfort?) regardless of whether you grow them or shrink them.
2  Mike's sense of humour takes in acronyms and the alphabet soup that IBMers contend with daily. For example: "It must suffice to record the discovery of one of a number of three-level acronyms: GOCB. In this acronym, the O stands for OSD, in which the O stands for OSI. The G stands for GTMOSI (a mere two levels), and so the full expansion of GOCB is: General Teleprocessing Monitor for Open Systems Interconnection Open Systems Interconnection Session Driver Control Block."