2006 — Day 17 - just think, some people have to work!

Sorry Len. I know it's evil, but I couldn't resist. Especially as it's raining. Actually, I was so busy yesterday (or do I mean earlier today? see below) figuring out how to exorcise my Joytech RGB switchbox that I forgot a) to write to dear Mama and b) to tell the world about my newest Foppish acquisitions:

Having exchanged notes with Ian Brackenbury, I've also decided to talk Junior into setting up my next server with WordPress capability. I had been thinking of going with Blogger but the effort of customising it is deterring me. Mind you, I spent all but the last 42p of one of my retirement vouchers on the new Linux magazine (thinks: what a dull title) and thus now have fedora 6 core to agonise over.

We watched Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead man's chest yesterday (well, actually on Saturday evening but I haven't gone to bed yet "today" [viz., Sunday evening] so I'm still counting it as yesterday) and I actually laughed out loud several times. I particularly liked the minor homage to the escaped Ferris Wheel in 1941.

I wonder...

..who has my copy of The Matrix? Hobbs' choice, I'm guessing. Well, at least I shall shortly get my mitts on Clerks 2 which, I hope, will mark a return to form for that nice young Mr Smith. I loved Clerks and Chasing Amy. Mallrats wasn't quite up to their level. Dogma struck me as a hoot; Jay and Silent Bob strike back must have caught us both on a bad day. The less said about Jersey Girl, probably the better.

BBC Radio Player

Is wonderful! I'm catching up with this morning's set of letters by Jessica Mitford. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

20 November 2006