2006 — Day 10 - Monday mornings, don'tcha just love 'em?

I haven't a clue what to write yet, but I couldn't resist my (non)-working title! Maybe I should form a rock group; the Townroom Bats, perhaps?

So far, we've explored three Chinese restaurants as potential venues for the retirement "do" but they all look to be "very" Chinese. Mind you, one offers a private room with Karaoke facilities -- what more could one want?

Pre-prandial perambulations1

Amusingly, I learned the word "perambulation" from an over-heated (and over-rated) John Masters novel that was passed around my Junior School as "hot stuff". But I digress. Having leapt on my Virgin recently, I took heed of His Master's Voice this morning while she who must be adored was researching weightier matters of an investment strategy bent. Thus the video collection now also holds:

Actually I even idly browsed the job ads in today's Guardian media section, having got home just too late to catch "Working Lunch". While I like to think I could do most of them, there were some calling acronymically for skills I know not of. Another sign of Grumpydom, I suspect. And they are so badly written!

13 November 2006  


1  Before anyone does a Google search and proves me wrong, scouring my (actually pretty good) memory suggests the word was "peregrinations"; fortunately it's one of those differences that makes little difference.
2  Lesley, by all means hang on to my original disc if you and Al enjoyed this film!