2006 — Day 1 - getting rear-ended on the way to Portsmouth

Discounting the effect of the gentleman who shunted his Honda into the back of my brother's stationary rental Golf at the M27 Junction 5 roundabout as we were waiting for a gap in the traffic, we had quite a fun day in Portsmouth! Visual evidence, courtesy of Big Bro (aka John Mounce).

Thank you, by the way, to the two young police chaps on bicycles we consulted about the acceptability of the bashed-in number plate. They also were entertainingly frank in their assessment of the extent to which PC David Copperfield's police blog rang true to life. I have nearly finished reading Wasting Police Time and thoroughly recommend it.

Video watched: about 30 minutes of Layer Cake, until the point when Big Bro's snoring [whether it was our company that had bored him, or (more likely) my detailed discussion of the best way of getting his 70,000 aircraft slides into his computer, I'll never know, I guess] and the half-full glass of wine tightly clutched in his hands suggested it was time for bed. Prising it out of his grasp without damage to the sofa was only marginally easier than it would have been to prise my prized copy of Thirty Years of Management Briefings, 1958 to 1988 from mine.

Example 4-86: October 22, 1986 — [There] is no way around the fact that we are at the same time encouraging employees to voluntarily conclude their IBM careers and telling them it would be good for the company. To a group as talented, dedicated, and loyal as IBMers are, that could seem like a mixed message.

John F Akers

You think?

4 November 2006